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The newest innovation in packaged HVAC and indoor air quality for enhanced guest comfort and safety.

The all in one solution for restoring comfort and confidence.

IAQ is not just one aspect of the air in your guest space, it is several and the VRP® and new VRP® studio address them all.  Your guests deserve and demand a perfect space, that means traditional heating and cooling but now needs to also optimize comfort with humidity control and improve cleanliness with filtration and air treatment. Click here for more information on our entire VRP® product line-up, including our brochure.  

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VRP® Studio: Designed with Hospitality in Mind

For our hundreds of thousands of loyal customers who have purchased our fixed speed Vert-I-Pak® products over the years, the new VRP® Studio is an easy replacement for those small chassis products. If you have 9,000 BTU or even up to 12,000 in some cases, the VRP® is a direct drop-in. It has the same dimensions, same louvers, and can be a quick upgrade to a quieter, more efficient environment for your customers. VRP® Studio - for Developers, Architects, Engineers, the Hospitality Industry, and Property Managers.
Friedrich is excited to introduce the newest member of the VRP® product lineup: the VRP® Studio.

The VRP® Studio is our new 7,000 nominal BTUs VRP®. Smaller footprint. Sensible cooling capacity is lower to match the needs of these smaller rooms. Higher latent cooling capacity for humid climates. Is a direct drop-in for Vert-i-Pak® replacements. Price point is much lower than other members of the already cost-competitive VRP® product family. True humidity control with on-board sensors and hot gas re-heat.
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Check out recent Hotel Management webinar on leveraging in-room HVAC design to defend against COVID

The COVID-19 global pandemic is transforming the way the lodging industry meets the comfort and safety needs for guests. Proper in-room HVAC and air treatment plays a significant role. HVAC solutions that incorporate ASHRAE-recommended protocol to address IAQ and airborne transmissions can help protect guest well-being, all while instilling consumer confidence in the air they breathe.

Watch and listen in as industry experts discuss this hot topic and how technologies found in Friedrich's VRP® Studio can help protect your guests.

These exclusive Friedrich innovations work together to provide safety, comfort and confidence for travelers, and bold, effective new directions for the lodging industry.

Make-Up Air (MUA)

Dedicated, active MUA to deliver filtered and treated MUA (patented).

Enhanced Filtration

MERV 13 filtration reduces the quantity of air contaminants inside the HVAC environment.

Ultraviolet UV-C

Shortwave radiation (UV-C) is emitted, killing mold, bacteria, and viruses, increasing indoor air quality.

Air Purification

Bi-Polar ionization generator designed specifically for treating air in HVAC systems. Actively purifies air.


Friedrich VRP Studio reduces your upfront costs while delivering unprecedented safety, superior performance, quiet comfort and efficiency over time.

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Friedrich VRP Studio frees you with a small, compact footprint that makes both design and installation predictable and easy.

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Friedrich VRP Studio gives your customers the comfort and quiet they expect, now with an unprecedented level of safety.

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Friedrich VRP Studio offers superior performance for life with high efficiency, low maintenance costs and the highest customer safety and satisfaction.

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Make-Up Air