Introducing the Friedrich FreshAire™ PTAC

Smarter design. Better performance. The new FreshAire PTAC.

Barely good enough solutions are never good enough for Friedrich. Before now, make-up air PTACs struggled to keep up with ASHRAE 62.1-2013 requirements, so we’ve reimagined and redesigned the PTAC to a higher standard, combining an inverter compressor with true make-up air capabilities.

Two models, widest range in the industry

Variable speed technology gives owners the flexibility of a full line of PTACS with only two models, and offers the highest available capacity of any 42 x16 PTAC on the market at over 17,000 BTUs.

True make-up air capability

No more makeshift solutions to achieve MUA. Only the FreshAire PTAC truly meets ASHRAE 62.1-2013 requirements, delivering 35 CFM of conditioned, MERV 8 filtered make-up air.

Advanced inverter technology

Advantages of an inverter compressor include improved dehumidification, better efficiency during part load hours of cooling and heating, and reduced temperature swings.

Smoothest PTAC sound

The variable-speed operation of the Freshaire PTAC allows the unit to work at the optimal speed to match the true load of the room. This not only provides the best energy consumption curve but also adds to guest comfort by eliminating the harsh start-ups associated with single speed compressors.  

Choose Friedrich

Higher efficiency. Improved guest comfort. Lower cost of ownership. Reliable performance backed by a 2 yr. parts & labor warranty, and 5 yr. limited warranty.


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