VRF performance and single package simplicity

Best In Class Cooling Performance

  • Precision Inverter®  variable speed compressors deliver efficiencies up to  20 SEER & 13.0 EER
  • Automatically adjusts  capacity to meet specific cooling conditions
  • Can operate at up to 120%  of rated capacity to reach  set point quickly


Super Efficient Heating

  • Low-ambient heat pump operation to 0˚ F*
  • HSPF of 10.0 and COP up to 3.4
  • Significant energy rebates available with huge savings over resistance heat


True Humidity Control

  • Sophisticated humidity control system with on-board sensors and humidistats
  • Ability to adjust motor and compressor speed enhances dehumidification
  • Re-heat coil maintains desired RH levels on colder days


Conditioned Fresh Air

  • Optional FreshAire™ system brings in up to 70 CFM of conditioned, MERV 8-filtered outside air
  • Conforms to ASHRAE 62.1-2013 for commercial buildings
  • Reduce cost and complexity associated with dedicated outside air systems


*May experience some loss in capacity.  Continuous operation is not guaranteed.